Site-wide masterplans are key to establishing large-scale projects across multiple hectare sites.

REAL Consulting has contributed to many large-scale schemes through preparing costed, detailed schedules of requirements. These also cover the phasing of such large-scale developments, where smoothing out early cash-flow commitments on primary infrastructure is important until sales income is available.

Our specialism is that we understand and can predict, not only on-plot costs, but also the impact of the cost of off-site infrastructure and utilities, which can significantly hit a scheme’s viability.

In the residential sector our experience helps clients make early decisions on the housing market and positioning of early release units, all of which benefit the overall viability of the scheme

We assist clients in developing their overall phasing and delivery strategy by using our experience to identify the most cost effective options available to enable procurement of early-stage construction works such as adoptable highways, sewers and utilities, thus creating fully serviced ‘parcels’ of land primed for development.


REAL Consulting – assist clients in the planning of large-scale commercial developments where plot size and location help max.