REAL Consulting knows that rents and yields drive decision making for commercial developers, together with tenant demand. That’s why we contribute to the business case appraisals that inform this complex process. We also recognise that efficient space design can improve the net to gross areas ratio, improving the “bottom line” as well as enhancing the specification for tenants and occupiers. For owner occupiers, the drivers are slightly different. We work with them around quality of space and other bespoke requirements. For all projects, the key challenge is balancing aspirational design that will attract tenants or purchasers, against the scheme viability. We are experts at allocating costs where they will have the most impact. How does REAL Consulting find that balance between competing and sometimes fluid demands?

  • Precise allocation of costs between different categories of fit-out from base build to completed project, informs negotiations with potential tenants.
  • In retail, we negotiate the shifting sands of consumer demand and keep ahead of competitors by managing change, almost up to completion of the project
  • We understand the key timescales in which retail units can be opened to achieve maximum impact in the market

REAL Consulting finds that equilibrium and has delivered many projects for commercial developers, owner occupiers and both large and small scale retailers.