Continued growth in student numbers, combined with universities’ desire to provide a room for all first-year students, means there is more demand than ever for accommodation. This is being delivered both on campus and offsite by universities’ own developments and external developer/operators. REAL Consulting has successfully worked with both.

Due to the scale of many projects, we know it is crucial at the outset to establish three things: The configuration, the groupings and the style of rooms.

These are key to a positive outcome, both in terms of final delivery and evaluating the cost per room for benchmarking purposes. These days, a combination of room types is preferred, with a corresponding choice of rents.

The changing demographics of the student population, as well as different needs of mature and postgraduate students, contribute to these decisions.


Timing is key. Accommodation is required at the start of the academic year and this determines the delivery timings and construction methods. We consider full off-site production of, say, bathroom pods, as well as onsite repeat framed systems. We review products and materials to inform the longer life of the project.

REAL Consulting looks at the project holistically, assess key supply chain providers and their ability to deliver to fast programmes. We have a robust approach to snagging large volumes of units at the same time, to minimise outstanding defects during occupation.

REAL Consulting – has delivered a high number of student rooms for university direct developments and developer/operators. We understand this sector and are appreciated for improving budgets, programme performance and delivery.


Crown Student LLP were first introduced to REAL Consulting for the Crown Place, Norwich project in 2017 and we were so impressed and pleased with their performance that we decided to use their services in connection with our Swansea development as well.

REAL Consulting have proved themselves to be first class Project Managers. They have led and controlled a full team of consultants throughout the development process in a most effective manner. As well as being knowledgeable in all forms of the development process, they are proactive and extremely efficient. Importantly in the development process, they have held together the entire development team including contractors in a courteous and friendly manner, earning everybody’s respect and thus getting the best performance from the consultants and the contractors.

Alan Pulver, Director
Crown Students LLP