REAL Consulting understands this wide-ranging sector which includes everything from low-level basic clad sheds to high bay, heavily serviced production, storage and distribution buildings.

Here, we make a difference due to our in-depth understanding and analysis of internal process requirements. This is critical in developing the building envelope – essentially an ‘inside out’ design. We work closely with clients to progress internal layouts through to design freeze. This mitigates any potential impact on the structures, which often require advance procurement, such as structural frames.

The early design stage must also include large machine bases and pits, as well as any requirement for gantry cranes. This is significant for building procurement, which is mostly carried out on a design and build basis. Employers’ requirements also need to capture client-specific prerequisites.

Many new builds are being delivered on new business/industrial parks where the availability and capacity of existing infrastructure and utilities is limited. This can seriously hit the affordability of a project, which it is dependent on the park owners to develop a serviced plot.

REAL Consulting talk to the owners as part of their pre-agreement investigations.

Although the cost management of these framed and clad buildings is more straightforward, the impact of groundworks, drainage and extensive external hard paved areas, services and infrastructure, can be significant. That is why we develop high level cost marker at an early stage as we find they increasingly occupy higher ratios of the overall project cost.

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